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The Questions You Can Ask Our Cleaning Company!

Keeping a clean space is essential for comfort and well-being. However, for those juggling busy work schedules, finding the time and energy for residential cleaning can be an overwhelming challenge. But don’t worry! You can always find a way. One effective alternative is by hiring a reliable cleaner like Rosie Homes Cleaning Services. We are in Lake Charles, LA and can help you address all your cleaning needs without causing trouble. But if you are not aware of what we can bring to the table, check this Q&A article now!

Is it best if we hire your company?

Of course, it is. Working and acquiring our cleaning service can help you more than anything. You don’t have to feel uneasy or think about the mess you have left at home because we will do everything to keep your place clean and healthy. You don’t have to use your spare time doing it yourself because we will do it for you. With us, you can relax and enjoy the perks that we provide. So what are you waiting for? Turn to our team today!

Can we count on your cleaning company to handle our projects? Do you know anything about cleaning?

Of course, you can trust us, especially in move-in cleaning service. Cleaning is our forte, and doing such tasks for you makes us happy. Don’t worry! We have the experience you need. With eight years in the industry, we can help you keep your pad healthy and clean.

Is your company a one-man company? Or do you have workers with you?

Yes, we have impressive and expert cleaners who can help you maintain the cleanliness of your home or any other properties.

What cleaning expertise or services can we get or expect from your company?

As a trusted house cleaning service company, our team ensures we can help all our clients. That is why we did not restrict ourselves to just one service. We have plenty of them. Here are the following:

  • Daily Cleaning
  • Weekly Cleaning
  • Bi-Weekly Cleaning
  • Monthly Cleaning
  • One-Time Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Move-In Cleaning
  • Move-Out Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning

All of these are the services you can anticipate from us. For inquiries, call us immediately!

Are you credible enough? Do you have proof?

Unfortunately, we can’t provide any information or details about our credentials, like license and insurance, because everything is still in process.

Are you giving deals or free estimates to your clients?

We have free estimates available. However, we don’t provide any discounts.

Can we call you anytime? What time is your business open?

Yes, you can. Our business is open 24/7. So you can hire us anytime you need us.

Do you offer emergency services?

Yes, you can call us anytime, especially during emergencies.

How can we pay for your services?

You can pay for our services easily using cash, checks, and Zelle. These are the only modes of payment we accept.

We always wanted to be known. That is why we generated this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) article. We hope that you can find the information you want to ask us in this article. Now, if you want to acquire a reliable deep house cleaning service in Lake Charles, LA, Rosie Homes Cleaning Services is the name you can count on. For bookings and reservations, contact our team at (337) 455-8293 today! We will clean your space and make it sparkle. So what are you waiting for? Turn to our team today!